Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yowzas! A Contest!

Who says yowzas anymore? That's right, I do. Alright. So, I've been inspired by the good (although a bit too all-or-nothing and a bit too left-leaning) folks at dailykos have come up with a great idea: for money, you (yes! YOU!) can get to tell a blogger what to give a rant about, and which side he should take (you can see more about it here, just scroll down a tad bit). So I've decided to do the same thing. Except without the money, although I will accept things that are just like money. But you don't have to do that.
So basically, you will tell me what to post/rant about and the opinion I should have going into it. Nothing to complex and nothing math related. And of course I won't do it if it's increadibly offensive or racist or blah blah....

OK then! What do you have to do! Well, just leave a comment with the correct answers to these questions!

1) Which word has the most definitions in the dictionary?
2) Which blues great is said to have sold his soul to the devil for his guitar prowess?
3) What would you like the topic of your rant to be?

Now, here's one important thing you should know before going off to find the answers to these questions- you don't actually have to. Seriously. Just leave a post saying what you want your rant to be about, and I'll do it. It could be about anything! Uganda, NSA wiretapping, the Designated Hitter rule, this guy, you name it! And name which side you want me to take! Huzzah!


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