Friday, February 03, 2006

Day's Description

Well, it's pretty late, but I promised I would post today, so here I am. Today was a good day, overall. Here's the rundown.

Awaken at 8:35 (I woke this early to do homework), go back to sleep until 10:00. Class started at 9:55. The dilema: I knew if I went to class, I wouldn't have time to shower before my next class started (9:55:11:10, 11:20-12:30). There's this girl I like in Math, and I can't be going all stinky can I? So I skipped class (hey, I get two frees, so it's all good. Right? Right?). Turns out she wasn't there! She a bit under the weather. We got in contact through teh facebook though, so it's all good. We've got (dare I say?) tentetive plans for the weekend!! Huzzah! She seems really cool. A heck of a lot cooler than Mandy, or Laura (who, to be fair, is cool in her own way). But she seems really legit. We'll see how things go.
So I listened to music today as well. Shocker. Mainly hip-hop, some Black Star. Really good stuff.
I then saw Bob Woodward speak! God, what a legend. Hell, what a man. I asked a question, but go so nervous that I messed it up (confused 'raise' with 'rate'). Oh well. He spoke really well. One thing that stood out: "What do Presidents need, more than anything? Courage." Gotta remember that one.
After Bob Woodward, I went (with Sonia and Justin) to the hypnotist show on campus. Now, if you know me like I know me, that might not have been the best idea. But I drumed it out of my head long enough to go (partially) under. It was cool. I enjoyed, and would recommend it to all.

If you've looked at my previous posts, you'll notice that there are a lot less (like 0) hyperlinks in this post, as well as the last one. Of course, no one reads this. But still, humor me! I'm tired. There will be more links soon, I promise. I'm glad I posted this. Johnny Cash is so amazing.


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