Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well, It Happened

So, tonight Mandy and I broke up. Honestly, it's not that big a deal. I have a test tomorrow that I have to study for. I'm glad it was friendly and all that. It was just her asking me to come to the quad, having a little trouble getting the words out, and me pitching in "Are you saying we shouldn't be together? I was thinking the same thing." And that was pretty much it. God. I have to study. I didn't sleep at ALL last night. Not one wink. I need sleep. And I need to study. Aargh.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wow. I Still Have This Thing

Well, I forgot this blog when I moved to college, about three months ago. And then I remembered it about two weeks ago, but forgot the password. Now I remember the password. Yeah! So here I am again, talking to no one. Pretty cool. So let's see what is new in the life of El Dave. Well, I've had surgery. I now have no appendix. So that's pretty cool. Also, I have a girlfriend- Mandy Switzer from Ohio. I haven't told her about this blog, because to be honest I'm not sure things are with all that. But first, do you know what I'm really sick of? Whenever I hint that I'm frustrated with my relationship to someone, they always, "Trouble in Paradise?" God. I HATE that. As if, when you are in a relationship, everything is perfect. Not true. Life in a relationship is just that, not some amazing hotel in Dubai. It's normal life, not perfection. Just wanted to clarify that.

Now, I plan on taking advantage of the fact that nearly no one will read this blog. Here, I am going to list the things that my girlfriend does that drive me crazy (and not in a good way):

1) She hates F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joesph Conrad and Doystoevsky. What are you, stupid?
2) She points out the pointless. For example, after we came out of the remarkable and highly recommended Good Night and Good Luck, one of the first things she says is "Cincinati was mentioned three times in that movie." What the fuck is up with that? WHO THE HELL CARES??? Not me, that's for one.
3) She constantly says she is an auditory learner. Once again, I do not care.
4) She thinks inside jokes from home will transfer over here perfectly. Example: She reffered to her English teacher as 'Satan'. And she didn't even give me any warning. She just said in a matter-of-fact way, "Satan gave us this huge assignment." Like, of course I would know! Well, apparently, her old English teacher had the nickname Satan because he liked the Satan parts of Paradise Lost. Are you laughing? Neither am I. Inside jokes are not meant for people on the outside, nor do they transfer well.
5) This only happened once, but it annoyed the living shit out of me. I really couldnt't believe it. She told me, Dave, you need to be more spontaneous. She then proceded to show me the essensce of spontaneity: WALKING BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes folks, walking backwards is the to key to living a random life. And she even did it in a very orangizied, marching band way. Mucho lameness.
6) She's a total music snob, even though she barely likes music. When I told her I hadn't heard the Wicked soundtrack, she literally stopped eating, as if she couldn't believe someone had not heard it. Hell, I bet she hasn't heard listened to all of Are You Experianced, but I don't give her shit. Fucking aye.
7) She has never, NEVER, IMed me or called me on the phone or came up to my room just to say hi. Not once. And it's doesn't seem like she misses me when I don't call or IM.
8) She doesn't seem to understand the concept of being romantic. Examples: I tried to take off her coat for her, she says "No." I make her a mix-CD, she says "Why?" etc. and etc.
Alright. I know at this point, you're thinking, "Why don't you break up with her?" I don't know. I'm a pussy on that front, I guess. I really don't know. Also, it's not all been bad times. We've had our share of fun, and I don't mean sexually (I doubt she'd give it up if we went out for a year, we've done nothing but fully-clothed kissing. I want to emphasize I don't emphasize a lot about sex, but we've done very little to nothing. It's getting frustrating.). No, I mean we've had good times. Like walking around the quad at 2 a.m (Although that was the time she told me the walking backwards thing. Argh.) Today, during dinner, we pretended for a good twenty minutes to be a hit man and someone who wanted someone killed that was a lot of fun. Also, when I had the appendix surgery, she was there for me. She visited me, and was in constant communication with my mom. So, she has been there for me when it counts. Does this make me shallow? God, I hope not.

How could I be shallow? I mean, I read cutting edge fiction like McSweeneys. It is frustrating. Very frustrating.

But that's not all that is going on in my life! I have class, which I like but am doing enough work on. I'll talk about that later. It is too late to talk about. This blog is catching a second wind, and I will discuss more tomorrow/later today. I promise.

I feel bad leaving you without an OPINION OF THE DAY (even though I know no one is reading this) , so here is one about Copper. Yes that magnificent metal that actually shows how the economy is going. An interesting little piece.
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